Why is maintaining your roof important?

Damage to your residential or commercial roof generally is a gradual thing that occurs overtime.  Often, roofs are neglected and not maintained from year to year and damage occurs as a result.  We would recommend regular maintenance of your roof to help catch concerns early vs putting maintenance off and then reacting to a large concern that may be much more costly given the damage that has occurred overtime.

Recommended maintenance:

  • Cleaning your roof at least once, if not twice per year.  Regular roof cleaning prevents debris build up over time which can cause mold to grow or gutter clogging.
  • Maintaining trees around your house, especially if they are hanging over your house.  
  • Regular roof inspections by a professional at least yearly are important to help identify potential concerns.

All in all, regular preventative roof maintenance helps to catch damage or concerns with your roof early addresses the concern promptly instead of letting the concern become much larger and potentially more costly overtime.  Annual inspections of your roof help to keep your roof in optimal condition, therefore extending the overall lifespan of your roof.  Just knowing that the roof over you and your loved one’s heads is in good condition helps with peace of mind.  

Reach out today to schedule an annual inspection of your residential or commercial roof.  We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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